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Mission Statement

CDS is focused on eliminating the global problem of minority under-representation in clinical trials by focusing the collective efforts of key stakeholders (Pharma, Biotech, CROs, Patient Advocacy Groups, and Technology) on minority recruitment. We will build trust among this underrepresented population by engaging at the fundamental levels of minority culture: faith, community life, and role models. We will tackle the negative connotations associated with the history of clinical research with honesty, empathy, respect, and knowledge. Only through acknowledging the past can we move the science of clinical trials forward to a future of diversity and inclusion.  

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Statement of Need

COVID-19 has highlighted the multitude of inequities in the American healthcare system. These inequities include the disproportionate impact of poorly treated underlying medical conditions, inadequate access to medical care, and higher death rates in high-risk populations. African Americans have had the highest mortality rates for Covid 19 infections, twice as high as white populations. The Covid-19 vaccine trial failed to enroll representative samples of African Americans. Clinical research is the only path to understanding potential side effects and new treatments' effectiveness in all population segments. Our participation in medical research is critical to improving life expectancy and delaying death in the black community.

Solving the problem of African American recruitment and retention in the clinical trial process will take more than “throwing money” at the problem. There are barriers to participation in minority populations that must be addressed. These barriers include the following:

  1. Trust barriers

  2. Economic barriers

  3. Cultural barriers

  4. Physical barriers

  5. Educational barriers

  6. Linguistic barriers


All of these barriers disproportionately impact communities of color. The founders of Clinical Diversity Solutions are uniquely positioned to address these barriers in a culturally competent way. Communities of color deserve access to the newest medical treatments, expert medical care, and the health benefits that come with participation in clinical trials.

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